The Lab members


The lab members are tentatively assigned. Welcome to the Color and Communication Design Lab.

Tomoaki Sakai, Fumiya Shimizu, Takahiro Seki, Ryo Tomiura, Kento Nakanishi, Asahi Niikura, Shota Matsuyama, Shota Mogami, Sayaka Morita and Ryunosuke Yasuno



Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


I have visited to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum this morning. Notably, its description of the Nuclear Bomb experiences were characterized by many color terms.

Such as, blackish red-orange, grey, black rain or purple spots. Nonetheless our memories of visual information tend to be composed of color, each color represented pain.



Replaying Japan 2019

On 9 August, I have done oral presentation at Replaying Japan 2019 held by Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies in Kyoto. The presentation title was ‘A Study of Card Game to Increase the Vocabulary of Japanese Traditional Color’ (sponsored by the grant of HAYAO NAKAYAMA Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture)

京都・立命館大学ゲーム研究センター主催のReplaying Japan 2019で8月9日に発表しました。発表題目は、「日本の伝統的色彩語彙を増やすカードゲームの研究」(中山隼雄科学技術文化財団助成研究)

Arts and Tech at Shibaura Senior High School


On 31 May, I went to Shibaura Senior High School in Shin-Toyosu to give a visiting lecture called Arts and Tech. My topic was ‘Primary Color Theory — Visual Illusion, Op Art and Digital Art’.


2nd International Conference: Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges


On 10-11 May, I have attended 2nd International Conference: Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges, Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology at Ionian University, Corfu, Greece.

I gave an oral presentation on the First Color Digital Art x Lighting Symposium and Workshop held at SIT in March.



Oral Presentation

This book used to be worth approximately 70,000 yen in 1954!


I just bought a used color chart: Color Dictionary, which indicates the price: 3,500 yen. The average starting salary in 1954 was around 10,000 yen. Thus 20 x 3,500 yen turns to be 70,000 yen. Still color charts are costly in nowadays.