Special Guest Lecture of Color Theory

色彩論 特別講師授業

Color Theory course at Omiya Campus invited Prof. Sunaga of Kyushu University School of Design as the special guest speaker. He gave a presentation on color universal design.


Autumn Semester Started


Color Theory and Fundamental Graphic Design in Omiya Campus had the first sessions today. I deeply thank for great support from Ms. Takada, Ms. Oba and Mr. Yamaguchi.

(Photo: students working in Fundamental Graphic Design)


(写真: 情報表現基礎演習の課題制作風景)

Farewell to Canxin Kong


Canxin was the first lab student in 2018. She returns to her homeland tomorrow and intends to become a computer graphic designer (web, package, games, etc). Floreat!

灿鑫は、2018年度、うちの研究室初の所属学生でした。明日、母国に戻ります。グラフィックデザイナー(web, パッケージ, ゲームなど)志望です。素敵な人生を!

Special Exhibition “INSECT”


A color wheel of butterflies! How can I know the difference between moths and butterflies… Recent Japanese nickname cockroaches as “G”, which I did not know either before.

蝶でできた色相環♪ 左下写真の蛾(左)と蝶(右)の違いなんて、ぶっちゃけ素人なんで全くわかんないわ… それと、ゴキブリって、最近はGって呼ぶんですね。

Lab blog started


Will upload what is going on classes, reviews of exhibitions, or show the works by the lab.